Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Online banner advertising v/s outdoor display advertising

Online banner advertising and outdoor display advertising both are used in marketing space to promote product/service
Both of them have their own pros and cons below are key difference
  •  Online banner advertising are Inexpensive as compared to outdoor display advertising, if we compare the production cost of Outdoor ads these are costly
  •  Banner Ads are Repetitive Banners continue to reinforce advertiser’s name each time they're seen. If placed in a high-traffic area, a banner may reach the same customer several times a day, while online ads can be controlled pro-grammatically and can be targeted too specific interested people.
  •  Banners ads are reusable, Companies who sponsor many local events or appear at gatherings and trade shows frequently will get a lot of mileage out of a banner, while in online banners this is not possible.
  • Online ads can be targeted to specific audience with custom age/gender/location/interests. Whereas outdoors ads don't have such options we can say that Retargeting/Geo Targeting are the key features.
  •  In online advertising one can take advantage of A/B split testing. What constitutes a better strategy? One can have a control on advertising, but on outdoor advertising we can't test two ads at same location
  • In depth Analysis is a key feature of online banner ads, one can get exact no of impressions an adv. has received, one can get data for no. of clicks, conversion rate whereas outdoor advertising this can't get obtained.
  • Outdoors ads can be Attention Grabbing, The combination of size, color, and illumination attracts attention. Advancements in billboard technology including vinyl and computerized painting, 3-dimensional effects, back lighting, digital & LED technology are they ways to make advts. more effective whereas online advts. one can't get such attention

A big drawback of online banner is you won’t be able to reach those people who do not use internet but still buy that product. Here only outdoor advertising serves the purpose

+Punit Kansara  For your points

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