Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Cloud Infographic: Workplace Technology Is In Transition

Thursday, 5 September 2013

5 Benefits of BYOD with Cloud Computing

            Bring Your Own Device, commonly known as BYOD, and cloud computing are changing the way we use technology in the workplace. 60% of businesses in U.S currently use a BYOD model, and forecasters suggest that number will rise to 90 % by 2014. Fifty-four percent of American companies also use public or private cloud computing systems.
1).Cloud Computing Can Make BYOD More Secure
            Security is the biggest objection put forward by organizations around the world to have a BYOD model. If an employee’s device falls into the wrong hands, it may cause problem. Cloud computing can improve this concern by making sensitive corporate data much more secure. As information isn’t stored on any employee’s device, corporate documents enjoy greater security.

2) Cloud Computing Can Improve Visibility for Employers
             Cloud computing can minimize time wasting behaviors as it provides greater visibility for employers. Businesses with cloud security systems which offer URL or website filtering can keep track of the websites their employees visit during work time. Also can implement the cyber security by using solutions like Cyberoam.
  3) BYOD and Cloud Computing Cut Costs
            Both BYOD and cloud computing structures have the potential to save companies serious dollars. It’s clear that BYOD saves a company from the outset, as they no longer need to spend money on employee devices. The savings continue through the life of each device as the company is no longer required to spend money maintaining, supporting, or even repairing their workers’ laptops or smartphones.

4) Cloud Computing Makes BYOD Work More Efficiently
            As Employees love using their own computers and smartphones, they will be happy and it results in more productivity. If a worker’s preferred device become lost, stolen, or inoperable, they can simply start working on another machine. Thus the device or machine failure will not be problem for doing work.
5) Cloud Computing Can Make Desktop Virtualization Possible
            Currently, workplaces typically use cloud storage to house key corporate files, folders, and documents. However, forecasters believe we’ll see entire workspaces housed on the cloud. An employee’s device would become simply a terminal he can connect by using ID and password and start work.
By using latest technology trends of BYOD and cloud computing, businesses can enjoy all these benefits and more.