Thursday, 22 August 2013

3 mistakes in cloud migrations how to avoid

                               Now a day’s cloud migration is done by major companies and they succeed with cloud computing strategies and first-generation implementations. But while migration there is a bit of trial and error in the process, and one needs to do experimentation while cloud implementation and migration processes. The proper use of cloud computing technology is not something that one can find in a book. So here are the some mistakes done by companies in current cloud adoption efforts and there are solutions for these issues.
1. They jump to the technology too fast   
                The most common mistake done is while choosing a proper cloud service provider. Companies usually hurry in making discussion and don’t perform cloud readiness consulting, and don’t analyze their core business requirements. Companies should do proper planning before choosing there cloud partner and choose technology that suits their business and then adapt to cloud with proper consulting
2. They get involved in the cloud provider drama
             One should focus on the technology in terms of fit, function, and value -- not the hyped industry drama that continues to be a characteristic of the cloud computing market or should not get biased by  the cloud service provider that are not suited for your business
3. They focus to the wrong degree on security
            Security seems to have two extremes in the world of cloud computing. Some businesses focus too much on cloud security, to the point of being unreasonable. Thus, they spend more money unnecessarily. On the other side, some companies spend too little time dealing with cloud computing security. They end up exposed, and their cost of risk rises significantly. So one should opt for the security level according to the requirement by proper consultation.
            So the bottom line here is, pay attention to your business requirements and use that to drive your technology, security, and other decisions. But the reality is often that business requirements remain disconnected and many are out of track while they make decisions.

Friday, 16 August 2013

5 Takeaways: CFOs are getting into the Cloud

Cloud is becoming more popular and beneficial these days. In previous blog we have seen that how you will get good ROI when invested in cloud technology, here are some take a ways for the CEOs this are the real this experience shared by Tom Brennan when he was on “Cloud Power Series tour” From Boston, to Chicago, to Philly, to San Francisco, Atlanta and NYC, below listed are some of his biggest take away and this will help CFOs in their businesses.
1. CFOs are getting more involved with cloud strategies at their companies.
CFOs are eager to learn and get ideas on how they can improve their businesses with the cloud.
2. The cloud’s value proposition.
Most of the people now see cloud as a strategic way forward, and not just a way to reduce costs.
3. Some companies will inhale the whole cloud while others will take small steps.
The most interesting thing is observed that small and midsized companies tend to take in the whole cloud, while larger companies are looking for ways to step into the cloud incrementally by joining up specific functions with existing cloud apps e.g. billing apps for Salesforce.
4. Choosing a cloud platform is one of the most strategic decisions a company can make.
Cloud platforms are a foundation and source for all of a company’s business apps, operations automation and competitive differentiation going forward so go cloud
5. Companies are tired of the barriers between departments, especially between sales and finance.
Companies are trying to brake barriers between the departments now sales and marketing are going hand in hand the best example is for this is the Salesforce Platform including accounting, billing, sales commissions and expense management so the inter department work is now getting easy

Monday, 12 August 2013

Cloud Computing And ROI

Cloud computing and ROI

According to the new report released from Nucleus Research finds that cloud computing delivers more than just fast deployment and low upfront costs. Nucleus in the report published that companies who opt for cloud technology find 1.7 times greater ROI than on-premise deployments. The research firm looked at 70 cases studies ranging from $30,000 to $10 million.The report says that, the Overall companies spent 40% less on consulting fees and 25% less on application support personnel when cloud computing is adopted .  Also Report mentions that four out of five cloud deployments found an incremental increase in benefit without a corresponding increase in costs.So the biggest advantage of cloud can be concluded from the report as ROI improves over time as cloud technology is implemented. Nucleus points out three major differences with cloud computing:As cloud project are iterative in nature and the business users can expand and adapt their use over time, companies are more likely to expand the footprint or workflows of cloud applications without additional consulting costs, in short companies can save their consulting costIn cloud computing technology the new users can easily be added over timeline, one can scale up and scale down the resources easily, companies are more likely to expand the user footprint as they identify opportunities for more value.Also one more advantage is most cloud upgrades are relatively transparent to end users, companies can take advantage of incremental upgrades to drive greater productivity in areas such as mobile access, integrated analytics, improved workflows, etc.Nucleus concludes with a stinging assessment of on-premise benefits: “Only organizations that plan to never grow, change, or upgrade their application after its initial deployment are likely to achieve better ROI from on-premise applications than cloud ones”.So best ROI is with cloud computing implementation.